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This program has been wonderful. The professors are great, the classes are interesting, and I like the atmosphere of Toledo. I have learned a lot in a short period of time and have had a great experience so far. I am very happy I chose to take the internship class and also that I chose to live with a host family, as both have been great opportunities to learn and practice my Spanish. Overall, I am happy with this program and my experience so far.

Emily LaMere

Spring 13


Las personas y los edificios de Toledo fueron maravillosos.

Y además, la ciudad de Toledo es como un país precioso de la Edad Media. 


En España, ví las personas, culturas, paisajes, que no había podido ver hasta entonces.


Un saludo,

Maki Umetami, Universidad de Kobe, Japón.

Otoño 12




I am so glad I chose to study abroad in the fundación. All the people that work here are so helpful; I can tell they care about me and want me to succeed. Toledo is the perfect place to improve my Spanish, learn about the culture, and have an unforgettable experience. I don't want this semester to end!"


Jennifer McLean

Spring 13



La Fundación is an excellent place to be immersed in the Spanish language.  The staff is nothing but helpful and friendly, while the professors are obviously engaged in their areas of expertise and in helping their students. Normally I’m not an artsy kind of guy, however, while studying at la Fundación I gained a real appreciation for film, art, and literature while increasing my interest in ethnology.  In addition to the classroom activities, the staff at la Fundación helps to plan trips all over the country, most notably to the autonomous community of Andalucía.  Overall, my experience at la Fundación was an immense benefit in continuing my study of the Spanish language, not to mention a fun way to spend a summer.

Brian Gerstenslager

Summer 12



Coming to Toledo is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The coordinators and professors are incredibly dedicated to making the experience as amazing as possible.  Everyday my life seems  unreal!

Roger Smith
Spring 13

My time in Spain was one of the best experiences of my life, from the people I met there to the family that I spent my time there with it could not have been better. I took classes that were full of information as well as traveling and seeing many spots that Spain had to offer. Where La Fundación was located was perfect it was in a town that was perfect for us as students a lot to do as well as a ton of historical places to explore. Being in Toledo was like being in a postcard for 7 weeks and living in a dream. Not a day goes by that I wish that I wasn't back in Toledo. If you have the opportunity I fully recommend going to this program it was a great experience with great people and I cannot think of a single flaw of this program. 



Benjamin Postema

Summer 12



There’s something remarkable about going to Spain and experiencing the language and culture first-hand. I had learned about Spain for years but never understood its diversity in landscape, people, and values until studied abroad at the Fundación. I learned tangible facts like Spain’s modern history post-Franco but more than that, having lived with a Spanish family, I was able to experience the nuances of daily life. The traveling and touristy stuff was great but I learned so much more stepping away from the tourist mindset.

-Mara Nissley



The Toledo Program exemplifies what Spain has to offer the world: geniality, beauty, and a strong sense of community. You'd be surprised to find out how many different kinds of people come to be part of this shared experience. I do not regret one single moment of being lost in the ever-winding streets, stumbling over the proper words, nor starting awkward conversation with some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Get a little lost when you arrive; that's when the fun really starts.



Gracias por todo!


Gabí Smiley

Spring 12



I fell in love with Toledo the minute I got there.  The city is full of beauty and mystery, and studying at the Fundación was a great way to get to know the city and the rest of Spain.  The faculty and staff were always supportive and fun, and the classes opened my eyes to Spain in a way that just visiting never could have.  I lived in the Fundación but still felt connected to the rest of the city through programs such as the intercambios.  Everyone at the Fund was eager to help me learn Spanish, and my speaking skills improved drastically in the time I was there.  I won’t forget my time there, and I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll get to go back.

Regina Munch

Spring 13



Spending a semester in Spain was a journey that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I not only got to get to know people from my university as well as the other universities better, but I also experienced the opportunity of meeting locals and advancing my Spanish skills that would never have been possible without an immersion experience. This experience made me much more confident in knowing that I can travel and communicate effectively without hesitation. I loved my time in the beautiful Toledo, Spain and can't wait to go back one day.

Jasmine Shells

Spring 12


Querida gente de la Fundación, Rosa, Pilar, Mila, Yuki, Miguel y José Luis:

 Llevo ya casi tres semanas queriendo escribir este correo y por fin he encontrado un hueco para hacerlo.  Como todos sabéis, la universidad de Minnesota organizó una reunión el 9 de abril para celebrar el aniversario trigésimo del programa de estudios de la Fundación Ortega y Gasset en Toledo.  Por desgracia, no todos vosotros pudieran asistir la reunión pero por lo menos Rosa estuvo allí y seguro que ya os lo contó que lo pasamos de maravilla aquella noche.  De hecho, había un grupo de nosotros que nos quedamos hasta el final de las tres horas reservadas en el restaurante que dijimos de broma que nos "estuvieron echando" por haber estado tanto tiempo.  Aunque no pudieron estar en persona, gracias por hacer el video porque nos inspirasteis recuerdos geniales del tiempo que pasamos dentro de las paredes de la Fundación.  Todos nosotros que estudiamos en la Fundación cambiamos de manera positiva debido a nuestra estancia en el extranjero.  Ampliamos nuestra perspectiva del mundo, logramos un nivel más avanzado del español y sobre todo tuvimos una experiencia inolvidable que no se puede explicar adecuadamente con palabras.  Quiero agradeceros por hacer todo lo que hacéis y por brindarnos una experiencia que no pudiéramos tener sin vuestra colaboración y esfuerzo.  Estamos muy afortunados de que trabajéis tanto y que nos aportéis la oportunidad de estudiar en Toledo. En fin, gracias por todo. 

Un abrazo muy afectuoso, 

Jordan Sipe

Estudiante de la Fundación

Curso primavera 2010


Primavera 2010

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